EXO Sehun’s Reaction To Realizing His Mic Was The Same Color As Baekhyun’s Hair Was Peak Sehun

His reaction was pure Sehun!

For the two weeks EXO performed in Seoul for their EXO Planet #5: EXplOration concert, fans got to see Baekhyun rock a few different hair colors and when Sehun realized that his mic perfectly matched one of those colors, well, his reaction was peak Sehun.


During the first week of their concert, Baekhyun sported a vibrant orange color. Fans instantly loved the energetic color and thought it perfectly matched Baekhyun’s equally bright personality!


The orange, however, didn’t just match Baekhyun’s personality it also matched Sehun’s microphone!


Sehun’s mic is just as vibrant and orange as his hyung’s hair was and when he noticed, he immediately made a beeline straight for Baekhyun…


And then proceeded to compare his mic with Baekhyun’s hair!


When he was all done playing with his hair, Sehun walk off as it had never happened!


But fans had seen the moment and absolutely no one could help melting over it because it was seriously cuteness overload!