Netizens Are In Love With Old Photos Of EXO’s Sehun And BTS’s Jimin Wearing The Same Outfit

The photos are going majorly viral right now and it’s not hard to see why!

Netizens have recently been revisiting three separate occasions where EXO‘s Sehun and BTS‘s Jimin wore the same thing and it’s really no surprise why the photos are going viral once again!


With their stunning and unique visuals as well as their own outstanding sense of fashion, Sehun and Jimin have always left fans and non-fans alike breathless with their charms. Even when they wear the same thing, they pull it off in such a different and refreshing way that netizens just can’t get over just how stunning both of them look in the outfits. Whether it was the printed shirt Sehun wore at MAMA 2017


And Jimin wore to the 2017 Melon Music Awards, they both had hearts fluttering!


Not to mention how they left fans feeling attacked after they each wore a white silk shirt…


On two different and equally heart-fluttering occasions!


And even when they were caught wearing the same fuzzy multi-colored sweater…


Their visuals were so outstanding that it was impossible to name a “who wore it better” winner because they both wore it so well!


While these photos may be older, netizens can’t help but bring them up again because of how amazing both idols look in the same articles of clothing! Stunning, handsome, talented, kings! They’ve simply got it all!

Source: The Qoo