EXO’s Sehun Made It Onto Canada’s News In The Strangest Way Possible

It’s unusual but so cute!

This year February 5 marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year. While many people have been sending out their well-wishes to start the Year of the Pig off right, no one’s doing it quite like Toronto’s Breakfast News channel.

sehun love shot

During their morning broadcast, the hosts read out a few new years greeting tweets. But it was what was beside all the tweets that really caught EXO-Ls attention! Because the happily dancing pig…

Was really EXO‘s Sehun!


The dancing Sehun is a new meme that an unknown creative fan made in celebration of the Year of the Pig.

Although the segment was very short, EXO-Ls really loved seeing Sehun making it onto the morning news in Canada.

And with the start of the Lunar New Year with Sehun, it’s probably a good sign that the Year of the Pig will be a very good year!

. . .