EXO’s Sehun Made It Onto Canada’s News In The Strangest Way Possible

It’s unusual but so cute!

This year February 5 marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year. While many people have been sending out their well-wishes to start the Year of the Pig off right, no one’s doing it quite like Toronto’s Breakfast News channel.


During their morning broadcast, the hosts read out a few new years greeting tweets. But it was what was beside all the tweets that really caught EXO-Ls attention! Because the happily dancing pig…


Was really EXO‘s Sehun!


The dancing Sehun is a new meme that an unknown creative fan made in celebration of the Year of the Pig.


Although the segment was very short, EXO-Ls really loved seeing Sehun making it onto the morning news in Canada.


And with the start of the Lunar New Year with Sehun, it’s probably a good sign that the Year of the Pig will be a very good year!


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