EXO’s Sehun Posted A Photo With Chanyeol And Used The Opportunity To Troll Him Big Time

Their Instagram trolling saga continues:

When it comes to teasing EXO’s  Sehun on Instagram, nobody loves doing it more than Chanyeol. He’s been taking every chance he gets to do so as evidenced by their ever-growing trolling saga, but this time around, Sehun got the upper hand on his hyung!


Over the past couple of days, Sehun has been blessing fans with plenty of amazing photos. Of course, with all that activity going on over on his page Chanyeol quickly headed there to leave some messages for the maknae!


Under one handsome picture that Sehun captioned with “Peek a boo,” Chanyeol couldn’t resist dropping some lyrics from his time on Unpretty Rapstar. But there was another caption of Sehun’s that captured Chanyeol’s attention and this time Sehun was the one teasing his hyung instead!


Sehun posted two backstage photos from EXO’s EXplOration in Thailand concerts. The first post showed an up-close and incredibly handsome Sehun posing for the camera with a caption giving a shoutout to Thailand.

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The second was a zoomed out version of the second which revealed that Sehun wasn’t the only one there! Chanyeol was standing right behind him, a little blurry and in the middle of changing his expression. Which meant it was the perfect time for Sehun to troll Chanyeol!

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With that, Sehun simply couldn’t resist teasing his hyung by commenting with “몰아주기” which essentially means a photo taken with other people making funny faces which makes another person stand out or look better. In this case, Chanyeol’s not so perfectly timed look put Sehun in the spotlight.


And when Chanyeol caught sight of this particular caption, he could only come back with question marks!


This isn’t the first time that Sehun had Chanyeol responding with question marks thanks to his own teasing posts. Back in August, Sehun had a bit of fun teasing him with this photo which he hilariously captioned it with, “As expected, humble.”

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But with another tally to his teasing score and a new chapter in their Instagram trolling saga, Sehun and Chanyeol have once again proven that they’re an absolutely amazing duo!