According To Koreans, EXO Sehun And Chanyeol’s “We Young” Proves Sehun Is Getting Better At Singing

“We Young” is not only topping charts worldwide, it’s improving public perception of Sehun’s singing and rapping skills.

EXO‘s Sehun and Chanyeol released a track under SM Entertainment‘s Station X 0 collaboration project titled “We Young”, and Korean EXO-Ls are noticing Sehun’s improved vocals.


Sehun is a rapper, singer, dancer, model and actor and has most often featured as a rapper and dancer in EXO’s past releases. In many songs, he was restricted to rapping the group’s name and only had a few lines in songs like “Love Me Right”, “Sing For You” and “Call Me Baby”.


According to a community post, some Koreans believe Sehun’s performance in the past has been lacking in skill compared to the other members, but his vocals in “We Young” are changing people’s minds.

“Until now, Sehun was a visual member with an underwhelming voice, no parts, and lacked in rapping skills. I had a lot of bias against him as the visual member. When he came out as a unit, I’m sorry, but I didn’t think Sehun would be any good. I was surprised to see him in a unit with Chanyeol, and not with many other members. I didn’t know that Sehun could sing this song, and I think he’s really improved and gave me the feeling that he practiced really hard. He’s done well. He’s improved his skills a lot in the past year.” — Original Poster


Netizens seem to agree and are praising Sehun’s improved abilities.

  • “I agree about this feeling.”
  • “He seriously got so much more talented, he really is showing improvement.”
  • “So true… As a fan, I noticed this, I hope he improves even more and shows us something even better on their next song ㅠㅠ Their song this time is so good.”
  • “But when all of EXO are doing live, Sehun is doing AR, so what improved?”
  • “He did improve a lot ㅠㅠ Thank you for writing a good post about him!”
  • “He really did improve.”
  • “Everyone is talking about Chanyeol’s muscles and shirtless Sehun and then there’s me talking about Chanyeol’s highnote and Sehun’s vocals…..”


While others are defending the fact Sehun hasn’t had the opportunities to shine in the past, being called “useless” by netizens.

  • “I really love how this song was for the two supposed “useless” members in EXO, the two members who get the most flak for their rap parts and get sh#t on for just breathing. Now maybe all the ppl who shat on them can finally recognize their good points.”
  • “Sehun finally getting the line distribution he deserves.”
  • “Sehun may not be vocalist material but his singing tone is surprisingly light and pleasing to the ear, and that both have improved their flow. Most importantly, they put all their effort when performing, I was all smiles when they do this song because you can tell they love what they do and the happiness really is contagious.”
  • “Sehun puts in the work, boy built a practice room in his house and records himself singing late into the night to get better and gain feedback from the members. He’s learning composing and songwriting and also working on his acting. Work ethic should be acknowledged.”
  • “Sehun is a great dancer and performer PERIOD, it’s so painfully clear it’s just a case of ‘oh pretty girl lets hate on her’. Everyone hates that their faves don’t have his god level visuals, humongous fanbase, and popularity. He’s got these other girlies fuuuming. No other main dancer of a group gets nearly as much constant hate for not being main vocal level because they know that’s not their thing they just act dumb and spiteful because it’s EXO’s Sehun.”
  • “I never got why Sehun would be called untalented or useless in the first place. When it comes to Sehun, suddenly dancing isn’t considered a talent.”


“We Young” is topping iTunes charts worldwide just days after it was released. Check out the MV below:


Source: Pann Nate