EXO’s Sehun Entered A Bunch Of Group Chats Just So He Could Promote Chen’s New Album

He wanted to show even more support for his hyung!

Whether they’re doing individual activities, subunit ones, or activities as a whole group, EXO are always ready to support each other. So when Chen dropped his new mini-album, you know that every single one of his members were 100% ready to show him a whole lot of love and support.


Which of course they did! Suho, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol have all been listening to Chen’s “Shall We?” and posted about it on their Instagram accounts. Kai stayed up late just so he could watch the MV as soon as it came out and did a reaction video live. While Sehun acted as MC for Chen’s album showcase!


On top of his MC duties, however, Sehun had one more idea to show some big support for his hyung. Instead of going into his own SNS accounts, Sehun decided to spread the word by randomly joining KakaoTalk group chats!


Sehun was spotted randomly popping into a number of different group chats and simply left some messages asking everyone to go check out Chen’s music.


Although he knew that not everyone would believe it was really him and came up against a few chat groups that responded in that way, he wasn’t detered and continued to spread the word!


He popped into many different group chats and in each and every one of them he gave Chen and his new album some major love.


On top of that, following Sehun’s group chat escapades, EXO’s manager Youngmin also headed to the group chats too!


Meanwhile, Chen’s 2nd mini-album Dear my dear officially released October 1 and EXO-Ls worldwide showed their support by trending a number of hashtags, sending him lots of love, and simply enjoying his music! There’s no doubt EXO and EXO-Ls are one big supportive family!