EXO’s Sehun Chokes Up Suho With Heartfelt Response Of How Much They Mean To Him

“Hyung, don’t cry.”

EXO have been together for nearly ten years, at least from the date of their debut. With that much history between them, they were more than prepared to address the major changes between then and now.


When maknae Sehun gave his own heartfelt response of how the group had changed, leader Suho got a bit emotional. It was now his turn to comfort Suho.

Sehun simplified his thoughts by stating that he’s become more considerate of them and grown to like them more than he did before. The bluntness had the rest of them taken aback, at least until he explained what he’d really meant.

At first, he wasn’t able to realize his “members’ importance and significance” in his life. After promoting together and being with them often, it opened his eyes to how precious they truly are to him: “I have become so thankful for each member, and I feel so indebted to each and every member.”

After Sehun’s thoughtful response, he ended it in the most heartwarming way possible. He stated that he’s finally reached the point where he truly views them as part of his family. As soon as he said those words, it was the cherry on top for Suho.

The meaningful yet honest words had pierced his heart. Suho became choked upon hearing them, his eyes instantly filling with unshed tears.

When Sehun noticed him getting emotional and trying to keep it reined in, he soothed his hyung in a way to lighten the mood, “Don’t cry.”

After spending so many years with each other, expressing their feelings may escape their minds. When it finally happens, it’s even more significant. Watch Sehun reveal his heart to Suho and the rest of the group here.