EXO Sehun’s Favorite Cafe Is Closing Soon, But The Memories Made There Will Last Forever

Thank you for all the memories.

Every EXO-L knows of EXO Sehun‘s love for bubble tea, and his favorite bubble tea cafe Cofioca has been a place frequented by many K-Pop stars and hosted many events organized by fans. Sadly, Cofioca will be closing down on May 30, after 20 years of service, and while fans and loyal customers are sad to see it go, the memories made at Cofioca will last a lifetime. Sehun, in particular, shares a close relationship with the owner, who watched him grow up.

Cofioca is a small cafe with only three tables for seating. Still, the interior is overflowing with pictures, messages, and autographs from idols, as well as fan-made art, stickers, and cafe merchandise for birthday events. It is a popular spot for SM Entertainment trainees to frequent, and even after they debut, many come back as loyal customers.

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Sehun has visited Cofioca ever since his pre-debut days, along with the rest of EXO, and according to the owner, he was the first celebrity to leave an autograph in the store. He’s bumped into fans many times, and even taken some of the fanmade cupholders.

Sehun has developed a close relationship with the owner over the years, and their precious interactions speak volumes about Sehun’s kind and gentle personality.

The owner has also shared anecdotes with fans about the other EXO members, like Chanyeol and Kai, who come by often.

A Chinese fan who visited Cofioca earlier this year talked with the auntie who owned the store about Sehun. The owner gave her thanks and said that Chinese fans, though not as able to visit her store, have supported her and showered the store with love in many other ways.

As a final thank you to EXO and EXO-Ls who have visited the store over the past ten years, Cofioca is preparing an event called “Thank you, Sehun,” where with every purchase, customers will receive a Sehun photocard and sticker. Cofioca will be working with two of Sehun’s Korean fansites for this event.

Source: Anagon