EXO Sehun’s Compliment To EXO-Ls Was So Heart-Fluttering Even He Was Blushing

Even Sehun was feeling the effects of his sweet words:

EXO‘s Sehun is really good at making everyone’s heart flutter. Everything from his deadly dance moves and extraordinary rap skills to his sweet and loveable personality has left fans feeling more than a little attacked. But he recently said something so heart-fluttering to EXO-Ls even he was feeling the effects!


As the spokesperson for Tao Kae Noi, a Thai snack company that is best known for its flavored seaweed snacks, Sehun recently got to meet up with EXO-Ls at a special fan event. There were plenty of amazing moments that put a huge smile on everyone’s face during the event, including the moment Sehun gave out his epic compliment.


During one part of the event when Sehun was talking with the MC, the MC mentioned that Thai women are beautiful too.


Upon hearing his words, Sehun turned to EXO-Ls and said he wouldn’t know about other women’s beauty because he only looks at them!

Ah, is that so? I wouldn’t know about that since I only have you guys in my heart!

— Sehun


After delivering such heart-fluttering words, Sehun couldn’t hide his blush as he shyly smiled and hid behind his hands!


From his incredibly sweet words to his adorable reaction, everyone was definitely feeling the effects and in complete agreement that Sehun has the purest and sweetest heart around!