EXO’s Sehun Didn’t Want To Leave The Concert So He Stalled As Long As Possible

Sehun was not ready to say goodbye to fans yet!

The end of a concert is always a bittersweet moment. On the one hand, fans have been able to spend some breathless hours with their biases and have a whole bunch of precious memories from the event and on the other, it means having to end the whole amazing experience! But fans aren’t the only ones who experience that bittersweet feeling.


EXO just gave a heart-pumping flawless EXplOration concert in Singapore where they got to have a blast with EXO-Ls. Eventually, all that fun had to come to an end. Sehun, however, was definitely not ready to say goodbye to Eris though!


When it came time for EXO to get on the lift that would lower them down under the stage, Sehun first tried to stall for time by saying he’d be taking the stairs down instead of the lift.


But after his members gave him their approval for taking as much time as he needed, Sehun ultimately decided to step on the lift…sort of!


Sehun was so focused on EXO-Ls he almost missed the lift down and once he’d officially settled himself on it, he kept one foot on the stage as long as possible!


As EXO continued to drop down, Sehun continued to keep 100% of his focus on EXO-Ls while saying his goodbyes.


And even as he took the final dip down under the stage, he continued to wave to fans!


The adorable moment has been making everyone’s heart melt and it’s easy to see why!


There’s no doubt that Sehun is the absolute sweetest!