EXO’s Sehun Downgraded His Phone For The Most Sehun Like Reason And Fans Can’t Stop Laughing

His reason is so Sehun!

EXO-Ls are very familiar with Sehun‘s technology choices, especially what kind of phone he has, after all, we’ve all seen those glorious mirror selcas that highlight Sehun’s jaw-dropping visuals while also giving us a sneak peek at his current phone.


While Sehun has been spotted using one of the newest models of iPhone, fans recently began to suspect that he had changed his phone up. It all started when fans noticed his phone looked a little worse for wear in his cute picture with Lee Seung Gi


Then EXO-Ls spotted him out and were sure that he was using a different phone!


So when fans got a chance to ask him, they took it! During a recent fan event, one EXO-L asked Sehun about his phone and sure enough, he did have a completely different one! Sehun had dropped his phone, it had cracked, and so he decided to trade it in. But not for another iPhone XR…for an iPhone 8 instead!


His reason for downgrading his phone? Well, he simply missed having an actual home button!


When more EXO-Ls found out that not only had Sehun ultimately downgraded his phone but that he had done so because he missed the home button, they couldn’t stop laughing…


And agreeing that it was the most Sehun like thing to do!