EXO-Ls Discovered Sehun Got A New Home Studio And They Couldn’t Be Prouder

It’s just further proof of his hard-working nature:

There’s no hiding the fact that EXO‘s Sehun is a talented, hardworking, and dedicated artist. Whenever he hits the stage, his vocals and rapping are always on point while his dancing is always flawless and stunning! But it’s not only on stage that you can see his hard-working nature in action.


EXO-Ls just discovered yet another piece of evidence that shows just how hard-working Sehun is and it will seriously make you love the sweet and amazing maknae even more!


SOUNDZERO, a company who specializes in soundproof practice rooms with acoustic insulation, recently posted a series of photos from one of their most recent projects they installed in a home.


The home in question? Sehun’s! He even gave them his autograph to them when they were done!


It didn’t take long for EXO-Ls to learn about the new room and once they had, everyone poured out their love for the driven maknae!


Sehun has always been a passionate artist and his brand new home studio is just further proof of it!