EXO-Ls Dressed In Orange For Sehun And His Reaction Will Make Your Day 1000 Times Better

What Sehun wants, Sehun gets!

EXO‘s Sehun recently asked EXO-Ls if they could do a special dress code for an upcoming EXO-SC event and what Sehun wants, Sehun gets!


EXO-Ls literally wore their love and support for EXO on their sleeves during the EXplOration concerts in Seoul. Each day they showcased a different theme and blew all of the members away with their amazing support. So when EXO-SC were scheduled for an album event, Sehun was all set for EXO-Ls to bring out their colors once again…orange to be precise!


And EXO-Ls certainly delivered! Many fans at the event wore the tangerine shade just for Sehun.


Sehun meanwhile, had an amazing (and hilarious) reaction to seeing all the orange in the crowd. During the event, Sehun was having fun with fans and teasingly asked them if they thought he was cute.

You guys think I’m cute, right?

— Sehun


After getting a positive answer from the crowd, Sehun couldn’t help exclaiming over how cute he found Eris too, especially dressed all in orange!

I think you guys are cute too! You guys also came here wearing orange!

— Sehun


But, not everyone was dressed in the correct shade and Sehun hilariously called them out for it!

And for those of you who didn’t wear orange, I have some words for you after the show ends…

— Sehun


Orange it is Sehun! Orange it is!