EXO-Ls Took Their Love For Sehun To New Heights With A Themed Airplane

Sehun is now the first K-Pop idol to have a themed airplane!

When it comes to celebrating their beloved maknae‘s birthday, fans went all out to prove that the sky is the limit when it comes to Sehun‘s birthday!


Back in February, Sehun’s largest Chinese fan union, Oh Sehun Bar, announced they were planning something spectacular for Sehun’s birthday. The fan union had announced their intention to get a few Sehun themed airplanes into the sky. These planes were going to be thoroughly Sehun inside and out.


The planes were originally scheduled to be complete for Sehun’s birthday but due to a delay in preparation, the plans got pushed back. The project is now complete, however, and have made Sehun the first K-Pop idol to have a themed airplane!


The themed flyers will allow fans to travel in Sehun style from May 27 to August 27 on T’Way airlines.


With the body of the plane featuring the maknae along with a birthday message, and the interior decked out with even more Sehun, this flight is sure to warm any EXO-L’s heart!


And with that, EXO-Ls can now hop on one of these themed planes and have their very own Sehun themed adventure!