EXO’s Sehun Exposed Himself For Not Carrying A Wallet But He Had The Perfect Reason Not To

His reason makes perfect sense!

For most people, other than their phone, the number one thing they make sure they have before they leave their place is their wallet. EXO‘s Sehun, on the other hand, leaves home without his wallet all the time and he’s got the perfect reason why!


During EXO-SC‘s recent album event, Sehun was asked what item besides his phone he always makes sure to carry with him whenever he goes out. While EXO-Ls suspected the answer to be a wallet, Sehun revealed it definitely was not his wallet!

No, I don’t even bring my wallet!

— Sehun


In fact, Sehun goes out sans wallet a lot even if there’s something he wants to buy which Chanyeol verified.

Even if there is something he really wants to purchase, he doesn’t even bring his wallet then!

— Chanyeol


His reason? Since his hyungs have a soft spot for him, Sehun knows that if he asks for something his hyungs will more often than not get it for him!

Since I’m with my hyungs, I don’t need to bring my wallet becuse they’ll  buy it for me! It’s true!

— Sehun


Which is why, there’s nothing besides his phone that he makes sure to always carry!

There is no item!

— Sehun


Pure maknae brilliance!