EXO’s Sehun Reveals His Top Fashion Tips For Looking Effortlessly Stylish

He is definitely a “Fashion King!”

All of the EXO members are known for their high-end fashion and looking flawless all of the time. In particular, Sehun has caught the attention of fans for his stylish outfits over the years. He has even been dubbed “King of Fashion.” 

In a recent interview with ESQUIRE Korea, Sehun sat down and answered questions from fans on topics from his career, favorite food, and even on his choice of headphones.

One of the questions asked Sehun what fashion meant to him. Unlike many people who find it a chore to find something to wear every day, Sehun said, “It’s like playtime to me.

I can match this or that together. I can try something that is not usual. It’s like playtime.

— Sehun

He was then asked if he had any styling tips for fans, which could help EXO-Ls look as good as Sehun regularly did. Although it might not seem like it, Sehun explained that he doesn’t usually dress up on purpose and focuses on the smaller details of his outfit.

It’s called ‘kku an kku’ which means spruce up in a not notable way. For instance, wearing a watch or a hat to make a point with a run-of-the-mill top and bottom.

— Sehun

He also had another tip for fans when it came to choosing the basic components of an outfit, and it seems as if there’s one item that Sehun thinks is a must-have.

Wearing a T-shirt might make it look too simple. In this case, wearing a shirt will make it look better. Wearing a shirt is my tip.

— Sehun

After this advice, fans will definitely be trying some of Sehun’s tips so that everyone can look effortlessly stylish! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: ESQUIRE Korea and FI