EXO’s Sehun Transformed Into Kai’s Fansite Manager With A Little Help From A Fan’s Phone

With a fan’s phone in hand, Sehun recorded a special Kai video!

With a fan’s phone in hand, EXO‘s Sehun transformed into Kai‘s very own fansite manager on stage and shook everyone with his adorable determination to get all his shots and angles of Kai perfect!


EXO recently spent a few fun-filled days in Bangkok where they brought some serious heat and excitement to the stage during their EXplOration tour stops. During one of these stops, Sehun decided to grab one lucky fan’s phone to do a little filming and the results were stunning!


This time around, Sehun decided to try his hand at filming Kai! With the phone’s camera pointed directly at Kai, Sehun took the time to line up the perfect shot and made sure he was getting all of Kai’s best angles!


Eventually, Kai noticed the new fansite master on stage with him and decided to add a little more to the whole experience by doing a cute dance for Sehun!


And here is the result! The fan later uploaded the video Sehun took and it’s truly every level of soft!


The moment has been bringing some serious joy to EXO-Ls who are loving fansite manager Sehun, as well as, Kai’s adorable poses for him.


Whether he’s taking photos and vidoes of himself or his members there’s no doubt that when you give a camera to Sehun, pure magic happens!