EXO’s Sehun Turned Into A Shy Maknae When Kai Called Him Handsome

Sehun feeling more than a little bashful from the praise:

EXO‘s Sehun should be used to getting compliments. After all, everyone from fashion icons to his sunbaes have dolled out some sweet compliments to Sehun on everything from his flawless fashion sense to his skills on stage and off! But no matter how many times Sehun gets a compliment, he still can’t help getting a little shy!


During EXO’s recent stop in Fukuoka, Japan on their EXplOration tour, Chanyeol and Sehun once again brought some serious heat with their “What a life” performance.


When it was over, Kai just couldn’t resist complimenting Sehun on how cool and handsome he was which, in turn, led to Sehun feeling more than a little bashful from the praise!

Please just praise Chanyeol hyung, I’m fine!

— Sehun


But that wasn’t the end of Kai’s praises! After dealing with a teasing Chanyeol, Kai once again told Sehun he was incredibly handsome…

Ah, really! I really think that Sehun is the most handsome in the world today!

— Kai


Leading Sehun to react like this!


No need to be shy Sehun, Kai wasn’t lying!

Source: @xunhuas