EXO’s Sehun Looks Like A Prince While Heading To Paris


EXO‘s Sehun looked majestic in Incheon Airport as he heads to Paris to attend the Berluti Winter Show 2020, Men’s Fashion Week.

The idol is decked out in all Berluti, wearing a blazer with a green, teal, and blue inner shirt. He’s also seen wearing slack and leather dress shoes. EXO’s maknae looks formal and dashing as if he was heading out to a meeting.

Though the idol is just heading to the airport, he already looks formal, which makes people wonder what looks he will rock when he gets to Paris. With his visuals, he for sure looks like a prince!

With his milky white skin and perfect proportions, he looks like a model heading to the runway as he leads to his flight. Not only does he look expensive, but what he’s wearing is expensive! Just his shirt alone is $1190 USD! Imagine how much the whole suit is!


Fans are hoping that the EXO member has a safe flight to Paris and that he enjoys his time in France. Many are looking forward to updates on the idol’s trip as well as photos of the idol during the event because, for sure, Sehun will look drop-dead gorgeous.