The “Stage K” Editors Had No Chill When It Came To EXO Sehun Dancing To “Love Shot”

Their reaction was relatable AF!

JTBC recently dropped the mini-interview with EXO ahead of their Stage K appearance. During the interview, they answered all sorts of questions and had fans smiling along. But it wasn’t just fans who were excited to see them either, so were the Stage K staff! In fact, they were so excited that they had absolutely no chill when it came to seeing Sehun dance “Love Shot”!


During the interview, EXO was asked about their favorite choreography. Instead of each picking their own they turned to Sehun to reveal his favorite.

What is your favorite part of the choreographies you’ve done?

— Suho


And almost immediately, the Stage K editors went wild for him! As Sehun stopped to think about his favorite part, they couldn’t help zooming in on his face to look at his cute expression!

My favorite part is…

— Sehun


And when he decided on “Love Shot”, the editors once again couldn’t help putting in a caption about how good looking he is!

How can he look so good even when answering a question?

— Caption


But things were about to get even wilder! As Sehun demonstrated the move he was talking about…


They couldn’t help replaying the clip a few times…


And even creating this!


There’s no doubt that the Stage K staff know exactly what it’s like to be an EXO-L! Check out the adorable no chill moment as well as many more in EXO’s Stage K mini-interview below.