EXO-Ls Are Having Way To Much Fun With Sehun’s New Presenter Role For Thai Snacks

EXO-L = Extra-L!

EXO‘s Sehun was just introduced as the presenter for Tae Kae Nio, a Thai snack company that is best known for its flavored seaweed snacks. Since the big reveal, fans have been celebrating the news in true EXO-L fashion!


What started with simply making the hashtag #TaokaenoiXSehun trend worldwide soon turned wild as EXO-Ls flexed their photoshopping skills in celebration.


As edits of Sehun enjoying the snacks started taking everyone’s feed…


Things got even wilder as fans started adding Sehun’s cute doggo Vivi to the snack’s logo…


And Sehun too!


And then there was this masterpiece that made everyone lol!


All these edits not only show that EXO-Ls know how to have a whole lot of fun, but they also show a lot of love for Sehun. Now, who else is looking forward to presenter Sehun!