EXO’s Sehun Once Told The Story Of How Vivi Joined His Family And It’s The Most Wholesome Thing Ever

“This little one is absolutely going to give me strength!”

Every EXO-L knows that EXO‘s Sehun and his lovable Bichon Vivi have an unbreakable bond. The two share such a strong connection that there’s practically no doubt they were destined to find each other in this lifetime!

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the story of how Sehun and Vivi first met is very special. During an interview with (fittingly named) ViVi Magazine, Sehun went into detail about why he decided to take Vivi home that day.

I was in a slump because of my worries in singing and dancing… that’s when I saw Vivi at the pet shop. I was like ‘This little one is absolutely going to give me strength!’ It was like fate, so without hesitation, I decided to welcome him to my family.

— Sehun

Later on, Sehun expressed that it was difficult for him to choose a name at first. After thinking long and hard, he ultimately settled on ‘Vivi’ not only because it sounds cute, but it also has a deeper meaning.

I was really worried when picking a name for him. When it comes to a dog names, there are lots of cute ones like ‘Choco’, but I decided to name him Vivi – it means ‘to live’ in French.

— Sehun

Then, Sehun reflected on how the two had already become so close within their first year of knowing each other. He explained that “aside from the days I have work, I am with Vivi from morning till night, even when we sleep.”

Obviously those words still ring true, as every so often Sehun will share photos and videos of them spending time together.

| @oohsehun/Instagram

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