Sehun Revealed His Thoughts On Releasing A Solo Album

Does this mean we can look forward to a Sehun solo too?

Fans have always known that if any of the EXO members decided to have their own solo debut that they would top charts, set new records, and melt a whole lot of hearts. Lay already proved this to be true and with Chen‘s solo debut right around the corner fans know it will be the same for him too, but there’s another member of EXO who recently shared his own thought about going solo.


Not too long ago, Sehun had an interview with Rouge Fashion Book magazine. During the interview, Sehun covered a wide range of topics from fashion to the type of music he listens to.

“I usually listen to music irrespective of its genre. I like to listen to all sorts of genre. Recently I’ve been listening more to hip-hop and ballad songs in K-Pop.”

— Sehun


With his taste in fashion and music covered, the topics got even more personal and even included whether or not he had ever considered having his own solo debut. While Sehun revealed he wasn’t too certain about which direction he’d take a solo project in…

“Compared to solo activities, I’ve been considering projects in many different areas instead.”

— Sehun


If he ever did release an album it would be exactly his style!

“If I were to release an album, I think I would like to try out a variety of different styles.”

— Sehun


We know that if he ever did have his solo debut, it would be as amazing and legendary as Sehun himself!