Savage EXO-Ls Are Making Jokes About Sehun After Jeonghan Was Spotted At ISAC With NCT’s Johnny

Somewhere, Sehun is shook.

Everybody has got at least one embarrassing moment that they would rather forget and for EXO‘s Sehun that’s probably his major case of mistaken identity at 2017’s Idol Star Athletic Championships.


When the infamous moment happened, Sehun was chatting with his long-time friend from NCT, Johnny.


The two of them were momentarily separated…


And when Sehun returned to who he thought was Johnny, he got a big surprise when it turned out to be SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan instead!


The moment went mega-viral at the time and, although it’s been almost two years since the incident, fans aren’t about to let him live it down.

Sehun Thought SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Was NCT’s Johnny And It Was Awkward


During this year’s ISAC, some netizens noticed that Johnny and Jeonghan were sitting next to each other…


Which sparked EXO-Ls creative meme side!


From commenting on Sehun’s worst nightmare becoming a reality…


To straight up savage versions…


EXO-Ls are having a field day with the moment.


But even if they’re creating some savage memes, it just shows how much EXO-Ls love Sehun. After all, you only bring up all the embarrassing moments of the people you love right!