Sehun Is Taking Over Paris Fashion Week Even Though He Isn’t Actually There

Even if Sehun wasn’t there physically, he was still in Paris!

A while back EXO-Ls found out that Sehun wasn’t going to be able to make it to fashion week in Paris this year. The news was heartbreaking especially since Sehun always shines at events like that. But fans didn’t have to worry because even if Sehun wasn’t there physically, he was still in Paris!


Paris fashion week has kicked off and while many EXO-Ls have been celebrating Chanyeol‘s amazing trip to the show, they couldn’t help but be sad that Sehun wasn’t there right alongside him.


Unless he was! Although the group’s maknae couldn’t physically be at the event, posters of Sehun started popping up all over Paris.


Rouge Fashion Book, the magazine Sehun recently graced the cover of, decided to make Sehun a part of fashion week regardless of whether he could be there or not. Hundreds of posters of the magazine’s stunning cover with Sehun were printed off and posted throughout the city.


The magazine also posted some of the locations on their social media pages for fans to find!


The unconventional trick quickly grabbed the hearts of fans who couldn’t wait to locate all the posters.


Some fans were even wondering if Chanyeol had seen any of the posters yet!


So even if Sehun wasn’t able to physically attend fashion week in Paris this year, he actually didn’t miss the event at all!