Suho And Sehun Sent Message Of Support To Apink’s Namjoo And Fans Are Ready For EXOpink

EXOpink rise!

With a single video, K-Pop fans are completely ready for EXOpink! A few days ago, fans were surprised to find an official video from EXO‘s Sehun and Suho on Sugar Please‘s Instagram page.


Not too long ago, Apink‘s Namjoo hinted on her Instagram page about the opening of Sugar Please, her own brand new clothing line! Since her first announcement, fans have been seeing all sorts of love and support from fellow idols and friends of Apink. But there’s been one video that’s been capturing everyone’s attention.


The video in question is a special message of support from none other than EXO’s Suho and Sehun!

“Hello! We are EXO! Congratulations on the opening of Sugar Please. I hear Kim Namjoo is going to sell her own designs. It will open February 14th. Please send her lots of support!”

— Suho and Sehun


Everyone has been loving the video not only because of the sweet message of support…


But because many people had no idea that Apink and EXO were close!


Although longtime fans can remember other “EXOpink” moments together, newer fans have been pleasantly surprised by this interaction. Now everyone is incredibly happy to see the rise of EXOpink again and can’t wait to see even more interactions between the two groups in the future.