EXO Sehun’s Reaction To Suho’s Dramatic Acting During Their Concert Has EXO-Ls Cracking Up Hard

That was probably not the reaction Suho expected!

EXO have been bringing some serious heat with each and every single one of their EXplOration concerts and their latest stop in Singapore was no different. They left fans breathless with their performances, set hearts ablaze with their sexiness, and made fans melt with a ton of adorable interactions.


There was one interaction between Suho and Sehun, however, that immediately caught EXO-Ls attention and had them cracking up hard! During the concert, Suho got his hands on a toy sword and being the amazing actor he is, he saw his opportunity for some fun and took it!


Although his performance was A+…


When he looked up to see Sehun’s reaction, well, all the makne did was wave his goodbyes to Suho!


No wonder Suho tossed the toy in Sehun’s general direction when he saw the reaction!


Although the moment was quick, it’s been taking over Twitter as more and more EXO-Ls can’t help cracking up over Suho’s dramatic acting and Sehun’s simple goodbye wave.


How could you not fall completely in love with them! So cute!