W Korea Has Proof That EXO’s Sehun Has The Ability To Literally Make Your Day Brighter

Sehun can make your day brighter in more than one way!

With his jaw-dropping dance skills, amazing rap skills, and sweet personality, EXO‘s Sehun has been making EXO-Ls days seem brighter since day one. But, as W Korea recently teased, Sehun isn’t just making everyone’s day brighter through being so lovable!


The magazine recently dropped a behind-the-scenes making film of Chanyeol and Sehun’s July 2019 feature. While the video included all sorts of amazing moments from the shoot, there was one part in particular that caught fans’ attention.


During the TMI segment of the making film, the MC greeted Sehun before revealing that she had met him on a previous occasion.

Hello! You remember me, right? We met during the Louis Vuitton show!

— MC


There was something very interesting, however, about the times she had met him. Although it may have been raining, when Sehun showed up the sun instantly came out!

It’s strange though. It will be raining but once you show up, the rain completely stops. The same thing happened back then! It was raining and then when you came it suddenly stopped.

— MC


And when Sehun left the event, the sky opened up once again!

It didn’t rain during the show but as soon as it ended it started raining heavily.

— MC


Although Sehun’s control over the weather left the MC stunned, Sehun revealed that he had an answer to why the rain leaves once he arrives.

I seem to be able to do that since I come from EXO planet!

— Sehun


Whether it’s because he’s from EXO planet or because the sun is as in love with him as we are, looks like Sehun really can make your day brighter in every sense of the word! Witness Sehun’s weather powers and even more amazing moments below!