EXO Sehun’s New Short Haircut Makes Him Even Dreamier

While EXO‘s Sehun looks handsome no matter his hairstyle, his latest military-cut has fans swooning over his masculinity.

EXO was spotted heading to Hong Kong for their EXO’rDIUM tour when eagle-eyed fans noticed Sehun was sporting a new haircut!

Sehun’s usual spikey-short style was noticeably gone, replaced with a style reminiscent of a quiet, shy neighborhood kid. It’s almost hard to tell that he’s even an idol…well, except for how ridiculously handsome he is. Damn.

Check out his new style below:

Sehun’s new haircut is quite a surprising transformation.

Sehun and Suho have both opted for their natural hair colors.

Sehun looks even younger with this new hairstyle.

Fans couldn’t stop taking pictures of Sehun’s new look.

Even with his new hairstyle, fans eventually spotted him.

Sehun’s airport fashion was comfortable yet fashionable.

He’s still very comfortable despite being crowded around.

All his hard work at EXO’s concerts seem to be making him quite sleepy.

It’s hard not to notice that Sehun now bears a striking resemblance to fellow member D.O. with his new short hair!

Fans have watched Sehun grow right before their eyes, from his early teens into the man he’s become now. One of the best things about him is how versatyle he can look with a simple style change and this new haircut brings us right back to his debut days.