EXO Sehun’s outfit for Vogue Korea leaves fans confused

EXO‘s Sehun recently modeled for Vogue Korea’s January 2017 issue, but his clothes left many fans confused.

Sehun is known for being one of EXO’s visuals. He’s often praised for his tall physique and dashing good looks, even by non-fans. Despite being remarkably handsome, sometimes bad outfits can make even the most attractive idols look a little odd.

This collection is based off boy scouts, which shows in the subdued tans and browns. The photo shoot starts out with Sehun wearing an outfit that looks like a boy scout uniform. As the shoot progresses, his outfit gets more and more confusing.

Sehun with a boy scout like bandana / Credit: fy-exo
He looks ready to go camping
He looks ready to go camping
What is that back there?
What is that back there?
Please don’t put it on
Sehun looks like he's wearing a sleeping bag
Is he wearing a sleeping bag?
He's ready to take a nap anywhere
He looks like he’s ready to take a nap anywhere

Some fans were angry at the stylist for this photo shoot, while others praised Sehun for being able to pull off the unusual look. But there were also others who couldn’t help but make jokes about his controversial outfit.

EXO-Ls were also reminded of other odd outfits that EXO members have worn in the past.


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