Someone Has Been Photoshopping Tom Holland Into EXO And SEVENTEEN Photos And He Fits Right In

Now he’s a member of EXO and SEVENTEEN!

When K-Pop fans decide to have a little photoshop fun, the results are always awesome. So when K-Pop fans noticed some interesting similarities between a couple of Tom Holland‘s photos and some SEVENTEEN and EXO ones, well, they simply couldn’t resist!


With SEVENTEEN gearing up for the release of their upcoming studio album, An Ode, Carats have been getting blessed with all sorts of amazing teasers that showcase the charms of each member and the whole group.


The mysterious, sexy, and brooding concept of one set of teasers have had hearts fluttering since they first dropped. But when Carats saw them, they realized there was one more person that needed to get his own teaser…Tom! Finding a photo with a similar feel to SEVENTEEN’s, someone created a teaser just for him.


With Tom easily becoming one with SEVENTEEN, fans couldn’t stop cracking up and welcoming him as the 14th member of the group!


But Tom didn’t stop at joining SEVENTEEN! EXO-Ls also gave Tom the K-Pop treatment after they caught sight of a picture of him wearing a cream turtleneck and brown pants…


And it immediately reminded them of EXO’s “Present; Gift” pictorial!


Since Tom and EXO both boast their own superpowers, when fans saw the photo with the matching outfit, they knew he would fit right in with EXO!


Now Tom has claimed a spot as the 10th member of EXO…


And K-Pop fans everywhere are 100% in love with all the edits!