Someone Has Been Turning EXO Into Grandpas And EXO-Ls Are Loving It

Move over baby EXO, grandpa EXO are here!

A couple of months ago, everyone was having a ton of funny with Snapchat’s baby filter turning themselves and their favorite idols into cute baby versions of themselves. But now, idols and fans aren’t reversing the clock…they’re fast-forwarding!


Recently the FaceApp has been taking over the internet with netizens trying out their old age filter on themselves, but an EXO-L decided that EXO also needed to get in on the action too!


They took a picture of each EXO member, ran it through the app…


And got some seriously handsome grandpas!


Although baby EXO was adorable…


Fans have been having a blast with their much older counterparts!


As soon as the original photos got posted, no EXO-L could help cracking up over the elderly version of EXO…


And of course, adding on to the edits too!


But even if fans are cracking up over the edits, there is one more thing that they’re agreeing on and that’s the fact that no matter what age EXO are, they are still as handsome as ever!