EXO Starts Their Own Challenge: The #PowerChallenge

First, it was the #KoKoBopChallenge, now there is a brand new challenge taking over the internet and it was started by EXO themselves.

Going by the name of #PowerChallenge the trick consists of forming the EXO logo with your friends using your arms.

After Chanyeol uploaded the video on his personal Instagram, challenge pictures and videos started flaring up all over social media.

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People even found ways to do the challenge all on their own!


The logos just keep getting more creative by the second.

There simply is no end to the inventiveness of EXO-Ls imaginations.

By now, even NCT Dream has joined the #PowerChallenge rave.

From the #KoKoBopChallenge started by EXO-Ls to the #PowerChallenge fired up by the EXO members, the fandom sure is having a field day with EXO’s comeback.

Time to gather your friends and imagination and kick up an EXO logo of your own, it’s #PowerChallenge time!