You Probably Forgot That EXO Once Had A Four Member Subunit

Fans have been waiting for their comeback for years!

EXO-CBX became EXO‘s first official subunit when they debuted in 2016. They quickly captured everyone’s hearts with their fantastic sound but while they were the group’s first official subunit, some people may have forgotten that they weren’t the only subunit of EXO.


So who exactly was is this other subunit and when did they debut? Well, towards the end of 2013, four members took to the stage on SBS‘s Star Face Off and gave an outstanding performance that has continued to astound EXO-Ls to this day!


On that particular episode of the show, a number of stars gave some great and even legendary performances but Chanyeol, Chen, Lay, and D.O.‘s performance was one of the greatest.


The four members literally transformed into The Beatles…


And brought the house down with their performance of “All My Loving”.


The crowd and judges seemed absolutely taken by them and why wouldn’t they have been?


But it wasn’t just this particular performance that had the crowd cheering. The four boys also pulled out their impersonation skills…


As well as their amazing freestyle dance skills!


With all their hard work and outstanding performance, the judges were left speechless.


While there were many great songs that night, it was eventually decided that the EXO Beatles were tied for first place alongside VIXX‘s legendary “So Hot” performance, BESTie‘s “To My Boyfriend”, and Hong Jin Young‘s “Like A Virgin”.


While this grouping was never declared an official subunit and only did this one song, fans that do remember the EXO Beatles believe that their outstanding performance should never be forgotten!


Check out EXO Beatles totally rocking out in the clip below!