EXO-Ls Are Celebrating After Suho Accidentally Mentioned Upcoming Concert Plans

EXO is coming!

EXO-Ls have been crossing their fingers for any news about EXO‘s upcoming schedule and thanks to Suho‘s slip of the tongue, it looks like we have some answers!


Suho, Chen, and Kai recently attended the Nature Republic press conference and fansign event in Indonesia. While there were plenty of memorable moments they shared with fans, EXO’s fearless leader made things even more memorable with a single announcement!


During the fansign event, Suho was talking to fans before he made a surprise announcement that had him covering his mouth!

EXO concert… That’s a secret! Secret! We, EXO, are preparing for something. Please look forward to it!

— Suho


But Suho’s secret wasn’t the only mention of EXO’s upcoming schedule that, he let slip! After talking with fans about his yellow birthday hat project, Suho once again talked about an EXO concert as well as an album!

We will come back with a new concert and a new album. So, please wait for us, okay? We miss you EXO-Ls!

— Suho


With words of an upcoming EXO album and concert coming straight from EXO’s fearless leader, EXO-Ls are in full-on celebration mode!


Now, we just have to cross our fingers that it will happen soon!