Everyone Is LOL-ing At EXO Suho’s Amazing Response To Being Late

He really is the king of knowing who he is!

Although there were plenty of great moments to laugh right along with during the first episode of I’ll Show You: EXO Arcade, there’s one moment with Suho that fans can’t get over because it was so amazing!


At the very beginning of the show, the members slowly started making their way into the studio.


As they did, there was one member who was behind all the others.


And Baekhyun was quick to point him out to everyone!

“Suho is the last to come as always.”

— Baekhyun


But Suho has dealt with his sassy members for years now and had the best response anyone could have asked for to Baekhyun’s antics!

“Of course, he’s a star!”

— Suho


Since EXO-Ls first heard Suho’s very own sassy (and totally true) response, they’ve been laughing…


And absolutely loving the moment!


Little moments like this are exactly why EXO-Ls love their leader with all their heart!