EXO’s Suho Was Asked About The Best Valentine’s Present He Got And His Answer Will Touch Your Heart

The gift was incredibly precious to him:

Recently, EXO‘s Suho just attended the exclusive Miu Miu fashion event in Hong Kong and of course, blew everyone away with his stunning visuals! During the event, he also revealed what the best Valentine’s Day present he ever got was and it’s touching everyone’s heart.


Since the event was also an early celebration of Valentine’s Day, all eyes were looking forward to the upcoming holiday and it was the main focus of the event’s interviews.


As such, Suho was asked some personal questions about the romantic holiday in an interview with Apple Daily. Not only did Suho reveal what is most important for him in a relationship…

“I don’t really have any preference in regards to look. It’s more important to have common topics to talk about. They need to be understanding toward my career and we should be able to give each other positive energy.”

— Suho


He also announced what the most precious gift he ever received was. At first, the question was about his most precious Valentine’s gift, but Suho admitted that he never received one. Instead, there was something that was much more precious to him.

“In Korea, it’s usually the guys giving the girls gifts. So I’ve personally never received a Valentine’s Day gift. The best gift that I have ever received, however, was from fans. I performed about thirty-three stages for my musical and many fans watched them all. They wrote how the performances made them feel and sent them to me in letters. Many fans also came to support me. I was really surprised and very thankful. It’s truly the best gift I have ever received.”

— Suho


Of course, Suho didn’t just talk about gifts he received! He also gave fans a surprise when he talked about what he would like to give fans for Valentine’s Day! How sweet!

“The best gift, as a singer, would be a song for my fans. But chocolate is always good too!”

— Suho


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