Not Even An Ocean Can Come In Between EXO Suho And Baekhyun’s Friendship

Prepare to get knocked out by cuteness!

The members of EXO are used to melting fans’ hearts with their sweet and adorable friendships but Suho and Baekhyun may have just outdone themselves with their latest exchange.


With each of the members taking their well-deserved vacations around different parts of the globe, it doesn’t seem like they’d get much chance to interact with each other. But nothing can stop EXO’s major love for each other, not even an ocean! Fans know that leader Suho is seeing all the sights in New York…


While Baekhyun is kicking back in Japan! But the distance hasn’t stopped a bit of playful banter between the two.


Baekhyun posted one picture that showed him posing…


A bit like Suho had in a few of his photos!


Captioned with “Catching up with Suho hyung,” everyone’s heart was already feeling a bit weak but when they saw what Suho wrote back to Baekhyun…

“I miss you!”

— Suho


They were K.O.ed by uwu!


Why are they so cute!

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