EXO’s Suho Was More Than Ready To Turn Baekhyun’s Vlog Into An Episode Of Suho TV

When Kyoong Tube became Suho TV!

It’s been a while since fans have gotten to see EXO‘s Baekhyun in his vlogger element, but he recently blessed fans with a brand new Kyoong Tube episode full of more amazing, sweet, and funny moments with Baekhyun.


This time, however, Baekhyun had an extra surprise in store for everyone à la a behind-the-scenes look at EXO’s EXplOration stop in Manila featuring all of his members! Except, having his members in his vlog came with some rather interesting surprises all their own! Like the moment they decided to be a little extra and add some extra sound effects to the vlog…


Or when Sehun had some incredibly playful moments with the camera!


But no one was feeling more playful after the concert than Suho! After they had wrapped up the concert and had stepped backstage, Suho immediately went to Baekhyun and welcomed everyone to a brand new show, Suho TV!


Suho was having so much fun presenting his new show that when Baekhyun started walking away with the camera following him, he quickly called out to them wondering where they were going!


Of course, Suho wasn’t about to let them get too far! He quickly caught up with Baekhyun and the camera, smiling widely the entire time!


And once he had matched his pace behind Baekhyun, he continued playfully promoting Suho TV!


He continued stealing some of the spotlight until Baekhyun split off into another room, but before he headed off in his own direction Suho got in one last close up!


Don’t want to miss a single moment of Suho’s Suho TV segment or any of the rest of Baekhyun’s amazing Kyoong Tube vlog? Check it out for yourself below!