EXO’s Suho And Chanyeol Turned Their Concert Into A Comedy Show By Taking A Prompter Screen On Stage

They were the ultimate comedy king partners!

At EXO‘s latest EXplOration concert in Yokohama, Suho and Chanyeol turned the concert into a comedy sketch so good that their members ended up doubled-over in laughter!


The moment of comedy king genius started when Suho was trying to give one of his ments completely in Japanese.


As Suho was struggling a little with his Japanese ment, Chanyeol decided it was time to take action and as soon as Chen, Kai, Baekhyun, and Sehun saw what the two were up to, they absolutely lost it!


Why? Because Chanyeol’s way of helping Suho out was to literally drag the teleprompter screen on stage and bring it right up to Suho so he could directly read what it said.


Which was exactly what Suho did. In true comedian fashion, he leaned into the screen even farther and read it out for everyone which in turn prompted his members to crack up even harder!


Completing the hilarious skit, Suho thanked Chanyeol with a handshake as their members attempted to catch their breath after laughing so hard!


Well, what do you expect from the perfect comedy king duo!