Suho Created A New Fanchant For Chen And EXO-Ls Are Already 110% On Board

EXO-Ls are ready to start using Chen’s new fanchant!

Every artist needs a good fanchant and EXO‘s Suho is making sure that Chen has one too!


EXO recently stopped in Hong Kong for their EXplOration tour where they burned up the stage, made precious memories with EXO-Ls, and had some pretty amazing interactions too! But there is one moment, in particular, that is making everyone’s heart melt.


During the concert, EXO got on the topic of fanchants and after talking about how Baekhyun had changed his “UN Village” one from “Byun Baekhyun” to “Baekhyunnie,” Suho suddenly had a brilliant thought. Since Chen also went solo not too long ago, he decided Chen needed a fanchant too so he started cheering, “Kim Jongdae!”


After getting a huge smile out of Chen, Suho told EXO-Ls that they had to remember to cheer for Chen just like that the next time they saw him perform…

Next time he sings, you all have to remember to chant ‘Kim Jongdae! Kim Jongdae!’

— Suho


Before he decided that Chen needed a cute version too and came up with “Jongdae-ah” instead!


With Chanyeol adding in his own “Jongdae-ie,” EXO-Ls tried out the fanchant for themselves to which Chen gave them a big thank you!

Thank you, everyone! Today, Hong Kong fans are super enthusiastic. I feel very blessed!

— Chen


But it wasn’t just EXO-Ls at the concert that are digging Suho’s idea. EXO-Ls everywhere are 110% behind the new chant and couldn’t be happier that Suho let out his inner Soondingie to create it!