EXO’s Suho Proved He’s EXO-Ls Guardian Angel After Reacting This Way To A Teary Fan

He’s not just EXO’s guardian, he’s EXO-Ls guardian angel!

Suho might mean “guardian” but EXO‘s fearless leader isn’t just the guardian of EXO he’s also the guardian angel of EXO-Ls!


Suho, Chen, and Kai attended the Nature Republic press conference and fansign event in Indonesia recently. While there were plenty of sweet, funny, and amazing moments from the event, there was one moment where Suho showed off his caring side that immediately made fans melt.


During the signing portion of the event when EXO-Ls got to get some one-on-one time with them, one EXO-L couldn’t help getting a bit emotional at meeting them!


Upon seeing the fan’s tears, however, Suho comforted the fan and could be seen sweetly telling them not to cry.


The moment has been leaving many EXO-Ls feeling incredibly soft and many fans have been recalling other times that Suho has done something incredibly sweet like this for EXO-L!


This not only gives fans another reason among the millions to love Suho, but it also proves without a shadow of a doubt that Suho really is EXO-Ls guardian angel!