EXO-Ls Are Falling Even Harder For Suho After Hearing About His Surprise Hospital Visit To A Dancer

EXO’s sweet, kind, and amazing leader!

As the guardian of EXO, Suho has always gone above and beyond being a leader. He’s proven time and again that he’s not just a guardian to EXO, but to EXO-Ls and everyone else too!


With his incredibly kind, caring, and sweet nature, Suho has always shown great love to those around him and his latest actions have been making everyone fall even harder for EXO’s sweet guardian.


A few days ago, choreographer and dancer RyuD, who helped choreograph Suho’s “Been Through” solo stage, revealed that Suho had made a surprise visit to see him while he was at the hospital.


RyuD revealed that although he hadn’t told Suho that he was in the hospital, Suho found out and made the time in his busy schedule to come for a visit!

I didn’t even tell you that I was in the hospital, but I’m moved by your visit, King God Suho hyungㅜㅜ Suho hyung, thank you!


After hearing about Suho’s actions, fans have been feeling the effects and have been falling even more in love with Suho.


But who wouldn’t fall head over heels for EXO’s sweet, kind, and amazing leader!