Fans Are Worried About EXO’s Suho After He Fell Asleep While Racing

Suho’s sleepiness didn’t cause any accidents but fans are still worried:

During the most recent episode of Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder, there were a lot of wacky and wonderful moments that fans have absolutely been loving, but there’s also been one that has caused some concern for fans.


The moment began when the members of EXO were all set to start their big go-cart race. As the flag was waved to signal the start, all of the members took off except for one, Suho.


Shortly after Suho didn’t move from his place, one of the staff members could be seen quickly running over to Suho and checking on him.


While one angle of the camera had hearts stopping because it looked like something was seriously wrong, the camera then changed angles and showed that Suho had actually fallen asleep on the racetrack.


Although Suho could laugh over his own sleepiness and many EXO-Ls expressed their own joy over the moment,  it soon turned to concern as fans pointed out that falling asleep like that could be a cause for concern.


Other fans were a bit upset that the staff member woke him up and thought he deserved to take a rest if he wanted to.


While Suho managed to complete the racecourse completely safe, many fans are still worried about him and hope that he’s getting enough rest.