EXO’s Suho Got Smacked In The Face On Stage Two Days In a Row

EXO’s Suho ran into some unfortunate events when he was smacked in the face twice during two separate days on the same concert stage in Malaysia.

During the end of EXO‘s 1st day tour leg in Bangkok, Suho was asking the fans to not throw many toys on stage because the members can lose their focus and get rowdy.

“The member can lose their focus and fool around a lot so please don’t throw too many toys on stage. Do you understand?” — Suho


But as soon as the translator finished relaying Suho’s message, he  got smacked in the face by a toy that D.O. was playing with!


Suho was stunned out of his mind because this was just what he was warning the fans about!


D.O. ran straight to him to apologize, but the deed had been done.


Chanyeol was literally ROFL-ing the floor after the hilarious moment, and D.O. needed a moment to catch his breath as well.


To make matters worse, the next day Kai was revving up to smack Chanyeol with another toy…


And he totally missed his mark and hit Suho right in the face!

Chanyeol was once again, found on his knees after the hilarious incident.


Poor Suho was stunned once again but kept singing along…


It seems Suho sustained some trauma, which was proved when Chanyeol brought out the “weapon” during their V Live broadcast the next day.

“Over the last two days, the members have been hitting me a lot. I think I need to perform today with a helmet!” — Suho 


It’s tough being the leader of the silly EXO members!