EXO-Ls Are Loving Suho’s Extra Reaction To Receiving Jun Hyun Moo’s Birthday Present

Suho gave a special demonstration of his new present!

Fans are loving everything about EXO Suho‘s reaction to receiving his birthday gift from Jun Hyun Moo including his thank you and his extra demonstration!


Suho recently shared a few photos on Instagram of the birthday present he received from Jun Hyun Moo. In his post, Suho had everyone melting with his sweet thank you message.

Hyun Moo hyung, you didn’t forget and kept your promise! I will use the birthday vacuum cleaner well. Thank you!

— Suho


It wasn’t just hearts that Suho had touched though. He also tickled plenty of funny bones with his photos demonstrating the vacuum cleaner!


Fans have been cracking up over Suho’s vacuuming skills especially since he decided to clean the wall!


Besides Suho’s demonstration skills, many other EXO-Ls have been lol-ing over the fact that Suho is cleaning what fans believe to be Sehun’s practice room!


From sweet thank you to extra demonstration, fans are loving it! Meanwhile, Suho will be appearing on the upcoming episode of JTBC‘s Stage K where Jun Hyun Moo is the host!