EXO’s Suho And Kai Played Charades With “Stranger Things” Stars And It Was A Beautiful Mess

They’re game of charades is guaranteed to make you lol!

When EXO‘s Suho and Kai played a few games with Stranger Things stars Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo, things got a little bit messy and a whole lot of amazing!


Caleb and Gaten, well-known for their roles as Lucas and Dustin in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, recently headed to South Korea for the Netflix red carpet event where they met up with Suho and Kai.


After walking the red carpet in style, they had some fun together playing a very wild game of charades. Kai and Caleb teamed up to take on Suho and Gaten, and well, things got interesting quick! While Suho and Gaten were charade playing machines and quickly swept the round in a matter of seconds…


Kai and Caleb were another story! From the very first clue, Kai and Caleb turned the game into a beautiful mess!


And the more they played the more chaotic things became! What started with Caleb copying Kai’s movements to figure out the first answer…


Eventually led to a huge celebration between the two teammates!


But as the game continued things got even harder and pretty soon the game of charades had turned into a game of Pictionary instead. As the pen and paper came out, even Gaten and Suho stepped in to help Kai and Caleb get the answer!


Thankfully, the Pictionary paid off and the two were able to finish their round too! Check out the hilariously chaotic game of charades in the video below: