EXO’s Suho And Kai Turned Into The Best Dance Instructors Ever When Teaching “Stranger Things” Stars

Gaten and Caleb got a special crash course in EXO’s “Love Shot”.

Last month, Stranger Things stars Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo came to Korea for a special event with Netflix and met up with EXO‘s Suho and Kai. Now fans have gotten to see a little bit more of their interactions together including the moment Caleb and Gaten got a crash course in EXO’s “Love Shot” choreography!


After meeting up, Suho and Kai wanted to know if Gaten and Caleb had ever learned to dance. While Caleb revealed a background in ballet, Gaten revealed he was feeling a little out of his element since he had no background in dance!


And Gaten’s feelings only increased as he watched Suho and Kai demonstrate the moves to “Love Shot”!


But he didn’t have anything to worry about at all because as soon as the lesson started, Suho and Kai not only went into full big brother mode but they also made sure that Gaten and Caleb had the best dancing experience ever!


They broke down the moves…


Gave them lots of encouragement…


And simply had a ton of fun with them!



With Suho and Kai taking on the role of dance instructors, they made sure that Caleb and Gaten had the best time ever! Check out the dance moment as well as Caleb and Gaten’s “Love Shot” 2x speed challenge below: