Suho Proved He Knows EXO-Ls Better Than Anybody Else With A Single Ab Comment

Suho knows all about what fans talk about online!

Being the leader of EXO for so long, Suho has not only forged an unbreakable bond with his members but EXO-Ls too. In fact, Suho’s bond with fans is so strong that he knows exactly what their thinking and proved it with one special comment about abs!


When it comes to knowing what EXO-Ls are up to, Suho definitely hasn’t been shy about talking to fans and exploring the dark corners of the internet to find the answer. So things like those hilarious memes featuring Suho…yeah, he knows all about them!


But it isn’t just memes he knows about, he also knows just how much fans appreciate the hard work they put into their ripped bodies and he simply couldn’t resist teasing them because of it!


Suho recently posted a pic of EXO and EXO-Ls after successfully completing the Seoul leg of their EXplOration tour. While the photo left fans breathless for one reason, his hilarious comment left everyone breathless for a completely different reason! Because Suho wrote, “EXO will always be here forever (our abs too),” complete with a rolling eye emoticon!

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EXO는 항상 여기 있을게 (복근도🙄)

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With Suho’s teasing tone and the accompanying emoticon that really brought the feeling, fans couldn’t help cracking up hard while also sending him some love and promising that they’re not quite as ab obsessed as he might think!


Abs or not, fans will always love Suho and the feeling is definitely mutual since he knows EXO-Ls better than anyone else!