Lai Kuanlin Just Revealed How Close He Is To EXO’s Suho And It Will Make You Melt

They are a lot closer than you may have known:

The friendship between Lai Kuanlin and EXO‘s Sehun is well-known and loved among fans, but some might not know that he’s very close to another member of EXO as well!


Kuanlin recently met up with fans during his Singapore Good Feeling Fanmeeting and while he gave plenty of stunning performances and had some sweet interactions with fans, there was one moment from the event that really melted everyone’s heart.


During the fanmeet, two photos were suddenly displayed on the big screen. In one, Kuanlin is posing while EXO can be seen on the red carpet in the background and in the other, Suho is taking the photo with Wanna One in the background!


It turns out that not only is Kuanlin friends with Sehun, he’s also very close with Suho too! Kuanlin revealed just how close the two have become and how Suho also took care of him when he was in Korea.

Yes, of course! I’m really thankful for how he took care of me when I was in Korea. You know, he took me around to hang out to eat and stuff. And we still have a good relationship right now. I will text him and he will text me back.

— Lai Kuanlin


Besides having a great friendship with Suho, when Kuanlin was asked whether or not the two friends encourage each other when they’re feeling down, Kuanlin shared that they did…

“Yeah! I will ask him, ‘What should I do at this time?’ Or something else like that.”

— Lai Kuanlin


And that their relationship wasn’t simply a working one, it was one between brothers!

“It’s not a work relationship. It’s like a brother to brother one. I will even tell him what I’m doing right now and he will tell me. We just share with each other.”

— Lai Kuanlin


Knowing that Kuanlin has such a great relationship with Suho too is beyond sweet. Here’s hoping someday we’ll get to see even more of their sweet friendship!